1. Tlemcen Hotel – Algeria
  2. Bauhaus Museum - Germany
  3. Marriott Hotel - Algeria
  4. Weaving Mill Monti - Treviso
  5. Superior Graduate School - Algeria
  6. Urban system of Piazza Duca d'Aosta, Via Vittor Pisani, Piazza della Repubblica - Milan
  7. Wien Museum - Austria
  8. Residence - Venice

“... it seems interesting ... to recognize that activities tend to be valuable and buildings tend to take on quality when the open space where they look out is a real square: when the square becomes a balanced open space, harmonious and stimulating, which continues to collect the energies produced in its urban surroundings and to redefine them after having them reinvigorated with its qualifying influence”

(Giancarlo De Carlo, january 1990)