Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Dessau, Germany

Competition 2015

New Building

For the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, the idea started from the consideration of the project area as a consolidated element forged by history and crossed by the flow of contemporaneity. The approach to this significant place was conducted in the light of the sense of community and the design philosophy of the Bauhaus school. As a result, we chose the powerful and fertile "sign" of the symbol-seal created by Oscar Schlemmer as a formal inspiration. The Museum was therefore intended as a part of the urban landscape, indispensable for the city, offering so the enjoyment by its citizens, residents or passing through, of a place to rest and connect, as a symbolic of its history and a preview of the future. A place of knowledge, experience and inspiration where it is easy to find himself and each other. The design of the complex was therefore based on distributive clarity, fluidity of the routes, flexible use, maximum usability and accessibility.